CO Detectors for Home Use

CO detectors for home use are typically mounted using traditional screws, much like a smoke detector, and operate using a non-replaceable lithium battery. Typical lifespan is traditionally 5 to 10 years. 

For most home applications, CO detectors can be separated into two categories: UL 2034 rated CO detectors, and those specified simply as “low-level CO detectors”.

With only one exception (the Defender CA6150) we do not recommend using only a UL 2034 rated CO detector in your home or office. Why? We believe the alarm thresholds are too high (read more here) to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all age groups.

Rather than using the UL 2034 rated detector found at big retailers, we recommend using a low-level CO detector that more closely aligns with the health thresholds set by the EPA, World Health Organization, OSHA, and top medical experts (read more here). Leading health and trade organizations worldwide now agree people should not be exposed to prolonged levels of carbon monoxide at any age, but more importantly that children, pregnant mothers, and the elderly are at an even greater risk.

So how can we recommend the Defender CA6150 if it’s UL 2034 rated? Even though it adheres to the (very) high alarm threshold levels required by the UL 2034 standard, users can still monitor peak and current CO levels with just the push of a button – down to 10 ppm. And although we continue to recommend using a low-level monitor that sounds an alarm at less than 30 ppm, the CA6150 offers a solution for meeting building codes requiring UL 2034 rated CO detectors.

But for the best protection, we recommend you use the Defender CA6150 in conjunction with the Defender LL6170 or another quality low-level CO detector. You’ll be complying with local building codes and ordinances and ensuring your family’s health.

CO Detectors for Office and Light Commercial Use

Other than industrial-based CO monitors which can be quite expensive, the Defender *** is the only CO detector we know of designed specifically to ensure adherence to OSHA thresholds. Built on the same platform as the other industry-leading Defender models, the model *** sounds an alarm at the OSHA threshold of ***.

If adhering to OSHA thresholds (which are actually quite high in our opinion) is not necessary for your application, you can always use a low-level CO detector like the CO Experts *** or the Defender LL6170. Even though designated for home use, they are also effective in small offices and light commercial buildings.

Home and Office Detectors

Best Selling Models:

Home (UL Rated): Defender CA6150 10-Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm (with digital display)
Home (Low Level): Defender Low Level CO (Carbon Monoxide) Monitor - LL6170
Office: Defender CD8180 Battery Powered Commercial CO Detector (with digital display)
Travel: Sensorcon Inspector Industrial Pro (CO) Carbon Monoxide Detector Meter
Personal: Sensorcon Inspector (Standard) Carbon Monoxide Detector & CO Meter