Testo 317-3 - Ambient CO meter

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Product Description

The testo 317-3 ambient CO meter provides fast and easy CO testing with a small, lightweight form factor.  An exclusive self-test mode provides worry-free operation, as it will always verify that the CO sensor is functioning, anytime and anywhere, without the need for test gas.  In addition, the self-check will ensure accurate CO measurements, without the need to “zero” out the unit in a fresh air environment.

  • Three year CO sensor warranty
  • Adjustable alarm threshold
  • Programmable high and low alarm options
  • Earphone jack, and earbuds for loud environments
  • Hands free operation with belt clip soft case

Delivery Scope

testo 317-3 ambient CO meter, soft case with belt clip, hand strap, earbuds, 2 AA batteries, and instruction manual


Ambient CO

Measuring range

0 to +1999 ppm


±3 ppm (0 to +29 ppm)

±10 % (+30 to +1999 ppm)


1 ppm

General technical data

Operating temperature

23° to 113 °F / -5 to +45 °C

Battery type

2 AAA batteries

Battery life

150 h (with beeper switched off)

Storage temperature

-4° to 113 °F / -20 to +45 °C