Numerous retailers sell CO detectors including Home Depot, Amazon, and Walmart. However, since they mostly market to the masses, you typically find lower quality CO detectors on their shelves. Large retailers often put the emphasis on low-cost, high volume detectors and not necessarily the best models for protecting your home and business. If health and safety is your priority, there are better options. 

The information on this site was compiled to help you make an informed decision about which CO detector is best for your needs and application. With over 20-years of experience, our goal is to both educate and provide access to leading brands of CO detectors through an experienced, authorized distributor.

Why do most people choose to purchase from us?

  • We test each of the brands we recommend (and some we don't)
  • We have one of the largest inventories of low-level CO detectors in the US
  • We ship most orders two to three day delivery for no extra charge
  • We offer technical support, service, and calibrations
  • We have been distributing and servicing CO detectors since 1999 (as a division of Test & Measurement, Inc)
  • We keep working until you are satisfied with your purchase, or we will provide a full refund

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Home: Defender Low Level CO (Carbon Monoxide) Monitor - LL6170
Office: Defender CD8180 Battery Powered Commercial CO Detector (with digital display)
Travel: Sensorcon Inspector Industrial Pro (CO) Carbon Monoxide Detector Meter
Personal: Sensorcon Inspector (Standard) Carbon Monoxide Detector & CO Meter
HVAC: Sensit Gold G2 Gas Detection Instrument EX/CO (LEL/CO)