Sensorcon INSPECTOR Carbon Monoxide Detector, Audible alert only, 1-yr warranty

Sensorcon INSPECTOR Carbon Monoxide Detector, Audible alert only, 1-yr warranty

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Carbon Monoxide Inspector Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO Meter). NO VIBRATION Alarm on this model.

*PLEASE NOTE* that this model is NOT considered or classified as a personal safety device. Please see the Sensorcon Inspector Industrial or the Sensorcon Inspector Industrial Pro version if you need a classified personal safety monitor.

The Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Inspector is the perfect tool for detecting hazards, finding faults and reading the fingerprint of combustion.

This Inspector and gas detector is a rugged and professional grade instrument for HVAC Service Technicians, Home Inspectors, Fire Departments, Indoor Air Quality Professionals, First Responders, Fire Marshals and Code Inspectors.

The CO Inspector represents a welcome addition to any toolbox with professional features that make sense and will make your work simple.

The Inspector utilizes an advanced electrochemical sensor that quickly responds to carbon monoxide gas. The device features proprietary electronics with embedded software to compute accurate concentrations in the parts per million (PPM) range.

The user interface includes a high visibility LCD display with sensible and intuitive operation for ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Wide display range from 0 - 1999 ppm
  • Fast response time
  • Both visual and audible alarms
  • A long two-year battery life
  • Rugged construction
  • Handheld, clip-on or can easily be attached to a lanyard
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Optional hand operated sample pump for gas testing
  • Complete accessory kits available.
  •  Engineered and manufactured in the USA


  • Measuring Range: 0-500ppm
  • Display Range: 0-1999ppm
  • Resolution: 1ppm
  • Accuracy: +/- 10% at ambient conditions
  • Response time: (T90): < 20 seconds (NOTE: T90 - Time to reach 90% of full signal)
  • Size: ~3.2" x 2.2" x 0.9"
  • Battery Life: 2 years (NOTE: Depending on alarm condition)
  • Alarm set points: 35 ppm low, 200 ppm high (NOTE: Audio and visual alarm) LCD/LED, Audible Buzzer (80-85dB)
  • Temperature Range : -4 to +122 °F (-20 to +50 °C)
  • Humidity Range: 20%-90% RH continuous (0-99% intermittent, e.g.)
  • Sensor Type: CO specific electrochemical
  • Ingress Rating: IP 67 (dust proof & water proof)
  • Included Accessories: Steel alligator clip with lanyard loop
  • Unit Weight: 4 Ounces



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