Sensit® Gold G2 4 Gas LEL/CO/O2/H2S 911-00000-08

Sensit® Gold G2 4 Gas LEL/CO/O2/H2S 911-00000-08

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SENSIT® GOLD G2 is a portable gas leak detector and confined space monitor. SENSIT® GOLD G2 is the most versatile and user-friendly gas leak detector available.

The SENSIT® GOLD G2 is ideal for natural gas or propane gas leak location. This instrument can also be used for inert gas operations to detect combustible gases in oxygen-free environments.

The "G2" can be configured for combustible gas readings in PPM, LEL and/or percent volume*, as well as a variety of toxic sensors and oxygen.

Detects and Displays 4 Gases Simultaneously:

  • LEL (PPM Optional)
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen Sulfide

*Please note that if you are looking for %VOL/GAS
(TC Sensor) that is a special order item and may or may not
be available. Please call or email for more information.

Selectable Gas Type

  • Methane (Natural Gas)
  • Propane

G2 Standard Features

  • Internal Pump - Fast Sampling
  • Digital "Tick" Control
  • Fast Leak Location
  • Lowest Cost, Long Life Sensors
  • LED Warning Lights
  • Bright Graphic Display
  • Loud Audible Alarm
  • Battery Strength Indicator
  • Internal Memory
  • Exceptional Water Protection


*Please note that if you are looking for %VOL/GA


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