Sensorcon Inspector INDUSTRIAL PRO Carbon Monoxide Detector, Audible & Vibrating alerts, Adjustable alarm points, 1-yr warranty

Sensorcon Inspector INDUSTRIAL PRO Carbon Monoxide Detector, Audible & Vibrating alerts, Adjustable alarm points, 1-yr warranty

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Industrial Pro Carbon Monoxide Detector

A wearable, programmable real time display carbon monoxide detector for the modern work force. Set your own alarm points to meet your specific industry needs!

The Sensorcon Industrial Pro is a truly unique carbon monoxide meter for multiple applications. From BPI and RESNET professionals, to first responders & garage mechanics to over the road truck drivers.

Water proof, dust proof, and extremely durable, the Industrial Pro will function in the harshest environments. And with our new TWA (Time Weighted Average) Exposure feature, you'll always know your exposure level over a 24 hour period.

The Sensorcon Industrial Pro Carbon Monoxide Monitor is only handheld you'll need.

Low Alarm Set Points: You can program the carbon monoxide alarm to trigger as low as 5 PPM or as high as 100 PPM. Increments of 1 PPM.

High Alarm Set Points: Works in multiples of 5, so the low set point for the High Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the next multiple of 5 after the Low Alarm point. For example, setting the low alarm from 5 through 9 will allow you to set the High Alarm at 10, 15, 20, etc, up to 500.

Time Weighted Average: Our TWA for carbon monoxide exposure breaks the last 24 hours the unit was active into 8 hour segments, and returns the highest value of exposure. So looking at your TWA for carbon monoxide exposure at 8 AM will return the highest average exposure for any 8 hour period, starting with 8 AM the previous day.


  • Set your own high and low alarm points.
  • Water proof and dust proof.
  • Time Weighted average for carbon monoxide exposure (24 hour).
  • 3 Alarm mechanisms: Visual, vibrating, and audio.
  • Real time display in Parts per Million (PPM) 2,000 PPM ceiling.
  • Alarm as low as 5 PPM.
  • MAX Mode: Set it to store highest PPM reached for a session.


  • Range: 0-2000ppm
  • Resolution: 1ppm
  • Accuracy: +/- 10% of reading or +/- 2ppm (whichever is higher)
  • Size: ~3.2€³ x 2.2€³ x 0.9€³
  • Battery Life: >2 yrs (without alarms on)
  • Battery Type: CR123A (Panasonic CR123A required for Industrial version)
  • Standard alarm setpoints: 35 ppm low, 200 ppm high
  • Alarm types: Visual LCD/LED, Audible Buzzer (80-85dB), and Vibrate Mode (vibrate in Industrial models only)
  • Temperature Range : -4 to +122 °F (-20 to +50 °C)
  • Humidity Range: 20%-90% RH continuous (0-99% intermittent, e.g.)
  • Sensor Type: amperometric type electrochemical sensor
  • Ingress Rating: IP 67 (completely dust proof & water proof)
  • Included Assecories: Steel alligator clip with lanyard loop



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